“There are many ways to evaluate or judge a property manager – whether in record keeping, responsiveness, communication, professionalism, or customer service. While Kamehameha Realty ranks high in my mind in each of these categories, it’s my trust in their integrity that has kept me with them for over 20 years. You have to be able to trust your manager – and with Kamehameha Realty, I know that my property is in good hands.”


“My husband and I moved to the Mainland several years ago and Kamehameha Realty has been managing our rental property in Hawaii. We always receive excellent service from Stanley and his staff. Any issues our tenants might have are promptly resolved when they call Kamehameha Realty and Stanley informs us in order to get our permission to take care of the problem. We look forward to having Kamehameha Realty manage our property for many more years to come.”


“Since joining Kamehameha Realty, the service was excellent. Kamehameha Realty’s staff was courteous and professional in all dealings with tenants and maintenance issues. I found Kamehameha Realty to be reliable and maintaining my involvement in decisions that required my attention. Kamehameha Realty is deserving of my 5 star rating.”

“I have managed my property since 1991 and it had just become a handful with renters and problems that arise. I decided to give Property Management a try. Called several place and was impressed from the start with Kam Realty. I’ve had no problem. I call when I have questions and get answers. They handle all paperwork. One last thing I have to worry about. Thank you, Kamehameha Realty!”


I have been a long time client because of the excellent and responsive service I’ve received every time – from problems with tenants, legal questions, screening tenants carefully, plumbing and other repairs or problems arising from repairs. Stanley and his team, especially Darnel, have provided professional, quality service each and every time.


“Services by Stanley Shimabukuro and his staff have been beyond our expectations. They provide us with peace of mind and always have high regard and attention to us as landlords and our tenants. We are confident in their representation of ourselves to our properties and occupants.”
Malinda and James

“Timely feedback from tenants. Timely response from landlord to tenant concerns. Timely arrival of monthly statements.”

“Barbara Mitchell is always responsive to our requirements. She gives us a fair estimate of the rental market value where our property is located.”

“We are very pleased and satisfied with the services we received. Thank you!”
Ho Chi

“Never had a problem with the tenant or the services that Kamehameha Realty offered.”


“Would highly recommend this management company”


“Kamehameha Realty has kept my rental occupied for over 10 years now and always does a thorough background check on the tenants.”

“I feel confident that my property is in good hangs while I am away on the mainland.”


“I’ve had a positive experience working with Stanley Shimabukuro and his staff. Prompt returned phone calls, they take care of repairs and business in an efficient manner. I’m very pleased.”

“It is a pleasure doing business with Stanley Shimabukuro and his staff at Kamehameha Realty. Kamehameha Realty delivers a high level of service with integrity, professionalism, and dedication.”


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