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Long-Term Rentals through our Property Management in Waikiki. We have seen opportunities for positive ROI over the years.

Looking for a Property Manager in Waikiki?

Our property managers in Waikiki have experience with several different buildings. The buildings, rules, prices, and characteristics of the typical renter are very different for Waikiki than for the rest of the island of Oahu. For the best Waikiki property management, choose a company who knows what to expect from the rental market in Waikiki.


Overview of Waikiki

As the most touristy district on Oahu, Waikiki is one of the few areas in the state that every single person in the world has heard of.  In some instances, it is more known than Honolulu itself!  Due to the constant influx of tourists that flock to the Waikiki hotels and Waikiki beach, there is a constant demand for short term and long term rentals.  Since state regulation changed in June 2019, vacation rentals/AirBnB staycations shorter than 30 days is now illegal with out a vacation rental permit, but it is allowed by investing in Hotel zoned condo buildings.  Low end opportunities exist in buildings such as the Island Colony and Kuhio Village with higher end buildings including the world famous Ilikai Hotel.

rent or buy IN Waikiki?

The typical renter in Waikiki will be someone that works directly in Waikiki, a traveling nurse, military individual, or newly arrived mainlander that has only heard of Waikiki.  It is not very common for a local not working in Waikiki to move here.  Likewise, those that purchase in Waikiki fit this similar mold.  If you are interested in purchasing in Waikiki, condo units vary greatly in amenities and price ranges can be as little as $200,000 to the millions.  Before purchasing, be aware that selling a condo in Waikiki is harder than in most areas with most of the condos staying on market for significantly longer than the average. 

It is possible to find what appears to be affordable real estate in Waikiki, but don’t let the price fool you as you could be looking into what’s called a Leasehold property.  Leasehold properties are unknown to many individuals and Waikiki is one of the few areas in the nation with a high percentage of these types of real estate.

At Kamehameha Realty, we have helped sell our fair share of condos in Waikiki including leasehold and fee simple units, even a co-op unit.  We also manage three entire buildings, a student dorm, and many other individual condo units.  Let’s help you and see if Waikiki is the answer to your real estate questions.

Wondering if your Waikiki property can give you a positive ROI? Contact our property managers to find more about long-term rentals and Waikiki property management. We love working out the possibilities according to your personal goals!

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Ala Moana Property Management

Side by side with Waikiki you can find Ala Moana. Sometimes is even hard to say where one starts and the other ends. We have seen Alana Moana property management grow at a fast pace this past several years. That is mostly because the area attracts all types of people. The people that just moved into Oahu and the people born and raised in Hawaii. It equally attracts the young looking for fun and the retired looking for safety and relaxation while downsizing. The residential market has been growing at a fast pace thanks to the even faster development in retail.

 Overview of Ala Moana

The Ala Moana area is known most for the world famous Ala Moana Shopping Center, the largest open air shopping mall in the World.  The mall is across the street from Ala Moana Beach Park, one of the largest public spaces located in town.  As a hub to many Oahu residents, it is no surprise that so much development is occurring in this area currently.  Depending on state finances, this could be the final stopping point of Oahu’s controversial rail system.

New Condos in Ala Moana

Following in the footsteps of Kakaako, the Ala Moana area is seeing its fair share of new high rise condo developments.  The first new development, One Ala Moana is a luxury condominium project that is actually built on top of the Ala Moana Shopping Center.  The Azure building, which is currently being developed is another luxury building, which has named the area “Midtown.”  It is located across the street from Walmart and Sam’s Club, which will help to provide residents living in the area a place to buy groceries and common living items, which people living in urban areas are often limited access to.  With more affordable buildings such as The Kapiolani Residence and the upcoming The Central building, the Ala Moana area is becoming a highly desirable place for all to live in Oahu.  The area attracts all ages. Young couples love the ability to be in the center of the most popular events, restaurants, shops, and of course the beach. We have also seen a big influx of retired couples wanting to rent or buy condos in the Ala Moana area. First, that is a great opportunity to downsize. Second, they get to be closer to the activities they desire to better enjoy their retirement. Third, the new condo buildings provide the safety and service they are looking. Finally, the proximity to hospitals and health care is a plus for piece of mind.


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