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The Experience of our Property Managers in Mililani

For rental properties, Mililani is one of the two best cities on Oahu to rent your property quickly consistently (the other city is Kaneohe in our history of rentals). Our Mililani property managers find it taking roughly 2-4 weeks to find a tenant after advertising. The two most important factors affecting rent speed are price and house condition. All things being equal, we can count on Mililani rentals to consistently rent faster than other cities.

The biggest factor to renting quickly is the close proximity to the military bases. This is a blessing and a curse as Mililani will take a hit to the rental market every time there is a halt to Hawaii military deployment or if the military housing allowance gets decreased. Mililani is not a total military town though and there are still many locals that want to move here for various reasons.

The advantage that Mililani has over Kaneohe as an investment property is the high rent to purchase price ratio. Most of Oahu will have a monthly rent to purchase ratio under 0.5%. Mililani is one city that can have a ratio over 0.5%, which is very good for Oahu.

One more thing to consider before putting your home for rent is that there is much more moisture or humidity in this region. Excess moisture can easily lead to rusting and degradation of your home if you aren’t prepared for it. Older homes should also be treated or monitored for termites and other pests. Our property managers in Mililani will warn you about the necessary maintenance to avoid damage to the property.

The City Of Mililani

The city of Mililani was originally developed to be a planned community before the first house was ever built. This is why the city could look and feel like a standard American suburban town when compared to Honolulu. Many people love Mililani and choose it as their preferred place to live with cooler climates, lots of greenery, distance from the city, top-rated public schools, low crime, and many shopping and dining options.

Real Estate in Mililani

Depending on what your wants and needs are for your future home, buying real estate in Mililani is highly recommended. Our firm has had a large proportion of transactions in this city and most of them conclude quickly with minimal issues. You can sort and read through the 4 distinctly different areas below:

Waipio Acres or the Melemanu area

This is the most affordable area of Mililani, which has a collection of walk up apartment buildings and several taller ones. For investment purposes you will get your best bang for your buck and high rent to cost ratios. It is still possible to get a 2 bedroom unit for under $300,000 (but it’s getting harder), and units here can rent for $1,700 give or take. Some people may comment on it feeling less safe as this area of Mililani lacks the community/family feel that other areas have.

Mililani Tech Park or Launani Valley

This part of Mililani is kind of separated from the main portion of the city, just before Wahiawa and some people don’t even know it exists. The seclusion leads to many apartment and condo buildings set right in the rainforest allowing for lush, green background scenery. The Valleyview Apartment complex buildings are located right on a running stream!

Mililani Town

This is the largest part of Mililani with most of the shopping and dining opportunities that Mililani has to offer. Mililani Town Shopping Center and The Town Center of Mililani are packed with local and national favorite eateries and stores and Mililani’s movie theater. Mililani highschool is right across the street from The Town Center of Mililani.

The great majority of housing in Mililani town are single family houses except for several large communities near the Mililani Golf course. This is considered to be the older part of Mililani and you can sometimes see it in the style of construction, but a lot of people like it here as it is more affordable than Mililani Mauka.

Mililani Mauka

This is the newer part of Mililani and was developed to be built as a community. The houses here are built in development areas with many of the original home owners choosing what house style they liked prior to construction. Thus many houses are uniform and they give off a mainland house feel compared with other parts of the island. Houses here are newer, more modern, and generally speaking the most desirable in all of Mililani.

All homes in Mililani Mauka and Mililani Town belong to the Mililani Town Community Association. This allows all residents access to over seven different recreation centers in the area with pools (some even with water slides), basketball courts, and other activities for families to enjoy.

Why Choose us for Property Management in Mililani?

A large portion of our portfolio consist of property management in Mililani. Our clients value the knowledge and experience we have which returns in a great ROI for their investments. Our property management services include, but are not limited to:

• Rent collection and distribution to your account(s)
• Advertising of your rental property
• Lease creation and enforcement
• Monthly and annual reporting
• Assistance with condo maintenance and association payments
• Assistance with General Excise Tax (GET)
• Coordination with all repairs and upgrades
• Seamless transition to real estate sales.

We would be more than happy to answer any and all of your questions on the subject of real estate.

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Mililani is one of the cities with the best ROI for rentals in Oahu. We have guided innumerous clients in successful transactions and rental options. Whether you are looking buy, sell, rent out or rent in Mililani area, allow us at Kamehameha Realty to guide you. We love working out the positive and negative aspects of each area in how it relates to your own goals and desired real estate outcome.

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