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Looking for Property Manager in Kapolei?

Kamehameha Realty can help you with property management in Kapolei and Makakilo. We have a large portfolio of rental properties that we manage in both areas with the majority being townhomes, townhouses, and single-family residence houses.

Our Oahu property managers find that Kapolei properties rent faster than other cities. A normal rental unit takes an average 2-4 weeks to rent out. Makakilo takes longer on average, but not Kapolei. It may be because Makakilo houses are usually older and are harder to get to as you need to drive up the mountain. Makakilo homes are much cooler than the Kapolei homes though and often come with a fantastic view.

Kapolei rentals rent quicker than Makakilo homes. Many of the younger homes have a construction look that often resembles homes in the mainland which renters may enjoy. They are also much cheaper for the amount of space you get compared to Honolulu rental properties.  

While not considered a military area, there is a fair amount of military tenancy in both Makakilo and Kapolei. Barber’s Point Naval base in located in Kapolei, but doesn’t provide that many occupants compared with other bases in Oahu. Our Kapolei property managers will guide you further in to what to expect for this market.0

Kapolei – The second city of Oahu

Kapolei is located on the South West aspect of the island of Oahu. It is a growing dense urban center, often dubbed the “2nd City of Oahu” with Honolulu being considered the first. Unlike Honolulu, Kapolei Central is a planned community, with planned development in transportation and utility conservation. In the center of the city are many government satellite offices and buildings.

The city of Kapolei also includes the mountain area of Makakilo and the resort area of Ko Olina. The neighboring cities to Kapolei include Ewa Beach and Waianae.
Things in Kapolei.

As Oahu’s fastest-growing city, but with still a lot of available space, there are a growing amount of attractions and important landmarks in Kapolei. Major landmarks include the Wet n Wild Waterpark, the University of Hawaii West Oahu Campus, and the Ka Makana Alii shopping center. The world-famous resorts at Ko Olina call Kapolei their home and so do about 10 different public and private golf courses.

Real Estate in Kapolei

With limited real estate, Kapolei is part of Hawaii with the highest population growth combined with the Ewa Plain. In 2015 the population was over 105,000 and expected to be over 165,000 by 2035!

Given the growth rate of Kapolei, many consider it a fantastic area to invest in. There is a large variety of housing from houses to townhomes. Kapolei property appreciation has been very good especially for properties in the past eight years.

To keep up with the growing population demand, there are many different new developments being built currently, which will allow a buyer to be the first occupant of the dwelling! Several of these developments are being constructed with the community in mind and are in walking distance to the rail system. Major developers in Kapolei include DR Horton and Gentry Homes.

Why Choose us for Property Management in Kapolei?

Kamehameha Realty is a full service real estate brokerage specialized in property management in Oahu. We handle everything with the rental transaction including advertising and marketing, screening of tenants, lease generation and enforcement, monthly and annual reporting, and General Excise Tax assistance if needed. As a partner in your investment, our philosophy is to provide you with all available options to guide you with making the best decision on your rental property.
Please contact us if you have any questions at all regarding real estate or property management in Kapolei.

Whether you are looking buy, sell, rent out or rent in Kapolei area, allow us at Kamehameha Realty to guide you. We love working out the positive and negative aspects of each area in how it relates to your own goals and desired real estate outcome.

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