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Our Kakaako Property Managers currently mange units in almost every building in the neighborhood.

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Our Property Managers in Kakaako have seen the neighborhood grow since its beginning.  They have been managing a decent amount of units in most of the buildings in the neighborhood for the past 5 years. Kakaako is one of the newest neighborhoods to live in Oahu. It is being rebuilt and or revitalized from what used to be a highly industrial area.

Kakaako – Live, Work, Play

What sets Kakaako apart from any other area in Oahu is the “hip”.  It is the only new feeling residential areas that includes just about everything you need in your life in walking distance, or less than a mile.   There are two distinct shopping areas, Salt and Ward Village, with new and trendy stores and restaurants.  Waikiki and Ala Moana Shopping Center is just outside Kakaako’s boundaries.  Down Town Honolulu is on the opposite side with many office spaces and government buildings.  There are 3 large grocery stores including Whole Foods, Down to Earth, and Korean import H-Mart.  To top it off, Kakaako is enclosed by the beach and Ala Moana Park.  For those that don’t have a car, Honolulu Biki Bikes line the streets and just maybe the rail system will pass right through Kakaako on it’s way to Ala Moana Shopping Center. 

This is why Kakaako has fully adopted the “Live, Work, Play” slogan that is associated with it.  Granted, there are a few things missing in Kakaako including an elementary and middle school.  McKinnley highschool while not in Kakaako, is just across the street however. 


Kakaako Buildings We Know Well

Symphony Honolulu

The Symphony building is considered a luxury condominium on the perimeter of Kakaako.  It is located across the street from the Neil Blaisdell Center and is the home of the Velocity Car Dealership.  The building has a large variety of amenities to enjoy, has one of the best amenity decks, and has relatively larger than average unit sizes for a condo that was built in 2015. 

Comparatively speaking, The Symphony is a high in demand building to rent and not as available as other buildings.  Our Honolulu property managers have noticed that when compared with other rental units at the same price, most residents will want to choose The Symphony.   


This is the sister building of The Symphony as it was half built by the same developer. This building is older than the Symphony but you can see similar touches and finishes. Your unit will rent for cheaper than at the Symphony. For the renters, lifestyle is similar and it will most likely come down to price and availability.

909 Kapiolani

Located in between The Symphony and Pacifica buildings.  The amenities are probably the main difference between the above buildings. The pool, the gym, and outside relaxing areas are smaller and simpler. Therefore, 909 Kapiolani will rent for significantly less than the above buildings. 

801 South Street

801 South Street is the most affordable rental in Kakaako currently.  The building itself was marketed as an affordable housing development keeping smaller square footage and leaving the amenities behind.  They do have a nice balcony which we don’t see many new developments having anymore.  This building is popular amongst those for whom location is priority and amenities are not needed.  

Imperial Tower

The Imperial Tower is a block away from 801 South Street.  It’s main distinguishing factor is that it has maroon tinted windows.  This building is older than most in Kakaako and was in the past one of the luxury buildings to live in town.  Unit sizes are bigger than average and all units come with a pretty large balcony, an add on that many new buildings don’t have.  One distinct feature that sets the Imperial Tower apart from other buildings is the high ceiling, a feature you never knew you wanted until you experience it! 

The Collection

The Collection was completed at the same time as The Symphony building and they are very similar in terms of quality, price point, and amenities.  However, they are located in very different boarders os Kakaako.  The Collection is located by Salt – another mini neighborhood with a decent amount of restaurants, bars, and shops to hang out.  This building attracts people working in Downtown due to its extremely close location.  If you own a condo vs a town home at The Collection, you will probably be able to rent it faster due to the price difference.  However, there will be always someone looking for a more exclusive option in which a living in a town home in town is a rare and very attractive possibility and.

Moana Pacific

Moana Pacific is another development that created two towers due to demand.  Moana Pacific is likely to rent quickly.  That is due to a lower rental price for a higher square footage, while at a great central location.  That is possible due to continued lower maintenance fees. In addition, the building is round and the rounded walls can make it difficult to stage furniture.  The low price relative to the square footage is attractive to many people who will then find a way to maximize the rounded walls. 


Waihonua is one of the newer luxury buildings situated less than a block away from the West part of Ala Moana Shopping Center.  It too is similar to The Symphony building with a large variety of amenities and high class service among staff.  Contrarily to The Symphony, Waihonua is very close to the beach with opportunities for dramatic ocean views from some units.  Needless to say, if that is your unit, you will be able to rent it for a lot higher.  As the prices are higher, the amount of people looking for such price range drops.  The key is timing. 


Buildings in Ward Village

Ward Village is a planned community in the center of Kakaako real estate.  It is owned and being constantly developed by the Howard Hughes corporation.  The fact that is residential and commercial makes it unique and attractive to owners and renters.  The entire Ward Village’s plan includes 16 different high raises. We will discuss the current four existent.


Waiea is the initial building that put Ward Village on the map.  It is the most luxurious property at Ward Village.  It has the best location, most exquisite amenities, and an amazing restaurant downstairs: Nobu. We do not have any rentals in the Waiea building and therefore we do not have much experience with it.  

I love sharing my knowledge on how to buy a new development.  I am also a believer on how you can put the process to buying a new development to your advantage.  Please reach out to me to see if this is the right move for you and your family.  


While all of Ward Village buildings are known for their level of luxury, the Anaha building is the most luxurious talked about on this page.  Aside from the spectacular over edge swimming pool, there are also two tennis courts, a putting green, and a sand volleyball area, which other buildings don’t have.  Not to mention the “normal” variety of amenities that most buildings do have.  A very fun pleasure that Anaha residents get to enjoy include a free coffee or café drink from the in house barista. 

Units are very large compared to other units in Kakaako.  The unique window walls jutting out of the building help all units to have a view of either the ocean or mountain, depending on side of building. 


Believe it or not, the Ae’o building is where we have the most amount of rental units on a number basis.  While almost all of the Ward Village buildings are considered luxury buildings, the Ae’o building is not as luxurious as the Waiea or Anaha buildings.  As one of the newest buildings completed, the Ae’o building is following the Hawaii trend of smaller room sizes, with higher-end finishes.   

What Ae’o is most known for is that one of their residents happens to be Whole Foods market.  There is even a secret entrance to the Whole Foods parking lot directly from the Ae’o parking lot!  As a result, many of our tenants eat there at least once a week, sometimes five! 

Ke Kilohana

Ke Kilohana is a 88% reserved unit through the first time home buyer program.  Therefore, it is by far the most affordable building to rent or buy in the Ward Village Community.  It is so at the sacrifice of less square footage, window AC vs central AC, less common space, and no swimming pool.  


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Kamehameha Realty has great experience in Property Management in Kakaako.  We have seen great ROI in buying a new development here for rental income.  If you already own a unit or are thinking about buying to rent in Kakaako, feel free to reach out to Kamehameha Realty for the best advice and strategy. 

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