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Looking for Property Manager in Aiea?

Kamehameha Realty can help you with property management in Aiea. First and foremost, our office is located in Aiea. Our broker was born and raised in Aiea and has followed the changes in value for rent and sales over the years. Second, our company already has a large portfolio of rental properties including townhomes, townhouses, and single-family residence houses. Our Aiea property managers can guide you further in to what to expect for this market.

The City Of Aiea

Aiea is a relatively small city on Oahu in terms of population, but large in relative size. It stretches from the edge of the Salt Lake area in Honolulu all the way to Pearl City. Larger areas inside of Aiea include Aiea Heights, Halawa, Waimalu, Pearlridge, and the Newtown community. As one of the suburban areas in Oahu, there is a large variety of housing, including a lot of single family dwellings. Several townhome communities exist as well as dense condo buildings.

Aiea doesn’t have that many major landmarks compared to Honolulu. Many major landmarks are nearby and just on the border of Aiea’s borders, including the Aloha Stadium and Pearl Harbor. Actually, part of Pearl Harbor is located in Aiea, but officially, it’s part of Honolulu.

Just like Kapolei, Aiea has plenty of are shopping and eating areas. The largest mall in Aiea is the Pearlridge Mall, one of the four major malls on Oahu. There are many other shopping areas such as Aiea Shopping Center, home of Aiea Bowl and Pearl Kai Shopping Center. Local favorite restaurants include Anna Millers (surprisingly similar to Marie Calenders) and Aiea Bowl. Yes, it is a bowling alley with fantastic, sometimes fancy food (Tasty Tuesdays, a reservation only affair).

Real Estate in Aiea

For real estate in Aiea, this city it is a great place to consider living!  Most of the houses were built in the 70s or are younger and are often built to code compared to the older neighborhoods in Honolulu or Pearl City.  As a mountainous area, many of Aiea homes can boast views of the ocean and Pearl Harbor.

If you are looking for the standard 5,000 sq foot fenced (or stone wall) lot, take your search to Aiea Heights or the Newtown community.  Both of these locations can have great views of the coast and ocean.  Newtown is newer and run by the Newtown Community Association, which has a community center with many outdoor activities and adult education type classes.  Aiea Heights is a little bit older and goes higher into the mountains.

For multigenerational families looking to house many people, the Waimalu area tend to have a bigger selection of larger homes.  Those looking to live in high rises or more dense townhomes, the Pearlridge area has a large selection of different types of condo buildings and communities.  Several of them are in walking distance to Pearlridge Mall and the Pali Momi Hospital.

Why Choose us for Property Management in Aiea?

When looking for property management in Aiea, look no further.  Kamehameha Realty is located in Aiea and the owner was born and raised there.  A large proportion of our rental units are located in Aiea because of our proximity and knowledge of the area.  As a central springboard location to the H1, H2, and H3 freeways, Aiea is one of the most convenient locations on the island.  Combined with plentiful shopping and dining and the added benefit of 3 military bases in close proximity, finding a tenant in Aiea is not difficult.

If you have a property to rent in Aiea, or want to buy or sell a property in Aiea, don’t hesitate to reach out to our property managers. Seriously, this is our backyard and one of the areas we know very well. 

Kamehameha Realty is a full brokerage real estate firm which focuses mainly on residential property management.  Our property management services include, but are not limited to:

  • Rent collection and distribution to your account(s)
  • Advertising of your rental property
  • Lease creation and enforcement
  • Monthly and annual reporting
  • Assistance with condo maintenance and association payments
  • Assistance with General Excise Tax (GET)
  • Coordination with all repairs and upgrades
  • Seamless transition to real estate sales

We would be more than happy to answer any and all of your questions on the subject of real estate. That includes other cities such as Honolulu, Waikiki, Kakaako, and Kapolei. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

About Us

Our property managers have great experience in Property Management in Aiea.  We have seen great ROI, especially when you do the rights renovations for both rental and sales ROI.  Whether you are looking to buy, sell, rent out or rent in Aiea area, allow us at Kamehameha Realty to guide you. We love working out the positive and negative aspects of each area in how it relates to your own goals and desired real estate outcome.

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