7 Tips to Improve The Curb Appeal of Your Home

by | Jul 5, 2021 | Property Management

The exterior of the house is often the first thing people notice. Your friends, your family, any potential tenants, and buyers. Improving the curb appeal of your home does not have to be an expensive thing you do; sometimes it’s the little details that can finalize or break a deal.

Curb Appeal for Rentals

A special touch in how the exterior of your property looks attracts tenants to take better care of your rental property which is ultimately what you want. Your special touch will make it a home rather than just another property. Moreover, improving the curb appeal of a rental will increase the value it which often equals higher rent and tenant satisfaction.

Here are some convenient ways to increase your attractiveness when renting a property:

Create a Simple But Nice Landscape

If your lot has space, the appearance of it is the first thing the prospective tenants will see when driving to see the unit for the first time. Keeping the grass cut, bushes trimmed, and even plan some nice flowers or trees can make a difference. If you already have trees, ensure that there are no tree branches blocking the house and it’s function. A little goes a long way, and if you are looking for long-term tenants or new tenants, a small landscape can make a big difference.

Keep it Simple

As much as we encourage you to create a beautiful landscape around your home, be sure to keep it simple if you are looking to rent your home. If your yard has lots of plants and is difficult to maintain, you will need to require the tenant to take care of it. While some people will love that or will be okay paying for it, others will not consider your home anymore. Worse yet, some may not maintain it at all after a while and let all your creations die. The cost of landscaping can be elevated if you have a lot of maintenance, and its best to keep it simply attractive.

Upgrade The Front Door

It is important that the front door is attractive. It is what the prospective tenant is specifically looking for when getting into your house for the first time. An old and ugly door with stains and showing some wear and tear to it won’t go far. Remember, the door is also a protection from burglars. There are simple DIY ideas you can do: painting and changing the handles for example. If it is really old and safety is an issue, consider getting a new one.

Repair Cracks on Pavement and Driveways

You may not notice these details as you have been living there for a while, or haven’t been there at all. A renter or a buyer will notice it first things when driving into your unit. Hire a company for concrete repair if it is beyond DIY project.

Update Screens and Windows if Needed

Screens and windows deteriorate quickly in Hawaii due to the humidity. Safety is also an issue because that is a way people can break into your house. Nonetheless, our friends’ bugs and roaches like fo find every little hole in those screens to get in. While windows and expensive, and maintenance is key to preserve their lifetime, screens are very cheap. If you see holes, replace them before your tenant notices it or notices the roaches.

Pressure Washing

People don’t do much pressure washing in Hawaii, when comparing to other states. It can be very impactful at cleaning driveways, walkways, roofs, and the house exterior. It will look pretty much brand new pain and concrete without those ugly oil stains on the driveway.

Outdoor Covered Patios

Hawaii has the most beautiful landscape and weather. If your lot has space, consider a patio. A patio is an extension to your home where people can socialize, host parties, enjoy family time, or simply relax. If you have a nice yard surrounding it, even better. You don’t need to go crazy, a piece of concrete slab and some nice chairs and tables may do it. If you want to improve your rental value, even more, try stamped concrete and cover the patio to make it more attractive and comfortable to the tenant and future buyer.

The exterior of your home and garden is the first thing people see when driving to your home. It is the first impression. Remember, a family looking to rent is looking at many properties. The first impression can go a long way as long way if the interior is adequate. For more information, our Oahu property managers can give you recommendations and ideas on how else you can maximize your curb appeal.